The Appliance Industry Association
is the Association for Ethical Professionals engaged in
the repair, parts supply, manufacture, import & retailing of household appliances

The Appliance Industry AssociationĀ 
aims to be the Australian national organisation of first choice for
repairers, parts suppliers, manufacturers, importers and retailers of appliances


  • To represent the membership collectively to government, semi-government and statutory authorities and any other organisations on any matters of interest or concern to the Association.
  • To assist members in remaining abreast of developments within the appliance industry, including developments pertaining to the technical/technological aspects of appliance design, operation,
    parts and service and developments in relation to business requirements and practice such as those relating to statutory obligations.
  • To assist the appliance industry with the development of appropriate training courses.
  • To ensure that the public interest shall predominate in all competitive trading between Association members.
  • To provide a tribunal or other body for the resolution of consumer complaints on a basis of impartiality to members and consumer alike.