Code of Ethics

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Every AIA member will :

  • Accept this Code of Ethics entirely;
  • Comply with any relevant Code of conduct or good practice issued by a government or government instrumentality.
  • Ensure compliance with this code by all persons retained by them, whether as employees, sub-contractors or in any other way;
  • Conduct their business and carry out their duties in accordance with strict professional courtesy and integrity;
  • Be well informed regarding laws and Codes applicable to their business and will comply with all the requirements thereof;
  • At all times conduct their business in free competition with others, and will not criticise the actions of or damage the reputation of other AIA members, either directly or by implication.
  • Use AIA member identification and promotional material only in the manner recommended by the AIA from time to time.
  • Abide by AIA decisions regarding complaints and/or disputes with the member’s customers.
  • Where applicable to the member’s business:
    • When requested to do so by a consumer, offer a written quotation for repairs or, where this is not possible, make it clear to the consumer that only an estimate is being furnished.
    • Notify the consumer in advance if any dismantling charges are necessary to arrive at a quotation and at the same time make it clear whether or not the consumer is liable for these charges, irrespective of whether the quotation is accepted.
    • Issue their standard invoice for all warranty repairs showing parts replaced, work carried out and a note that it is uncharged warranty work.

This Code is to be read in conjunction with the relevant Code of Practice and the document “Obligations of AIA Members”.
(If a state or territory has no equivalent, or lesser requirements, to the New South Wales
“Whitegoods Repair Code of Practice”, the NSW code shall apply to the member.)
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