Engaged in the servicing or repair of appliances

Members of the Appliance Industry Association shall (insofar as the nature of their business makes it necessary and/or appropriate);

  1. When requested to do so by a consumer, offer a firm quotation for repairs or, where this is not possible, make it clear to the consumer that only an estimate, not binding on either party, is being furnished.
  2. Tell the consumer if a quotation or estimate does not include prices for spare parts or any other materials.
  3. Notify the consumer in advance of any dismantling charges which are necessary to arrive at a quotation and at the same time make it clear whether or not the consumer is liable for these charges, irrespective of whether the quotation is accepted.
  4. Provide an estimated time for the repair of any appliance and make every reasonable endeavour to adhere to that time; if the estimated time is significantly overrun, the AIA member will make every reasonable endeavour to inform the consumer.
  5. Notify the consumer if estimated charges are likely to be exceeded and seek permission to continue the work.
  6. Make available, on request by the consumer, any faulty parts replaced (unless such parts are the subject of a warranty claim or are required for exchange replacement).
  7. Detail on invoices all work carried out including charges for labour and type & condition of parts replaced.
  8. Guarantee all goods supplied and repairs and service effected against failure for a specific period of time (subject always to the members’ and consumers’ rights and obligations at law).
  9. Not knowingly mislead a consumer in relation to the condition of an appliance and will advise the consumer of any defects not covered by the work being (or to be) performed, or defects which may become apparent while work is being carried out.
  10. Ensure that any advertising done in a manner which will not mislead in any way.
  11. Indemnify the consumer in the event of any work being carried out by an agent or sub-contractor so that the consumer enjoys the same protection as would have been the case if the work had been performed directly by the member.
  12. Ensure the electrical safety of any electrical appliance upon which they work by applying the visual inspection, earth continuity and earth resistance checks as detailed in AS/NZS 5762, AS/NZS 5761, or AS/NZS 3760 as appropriate.